Month: April 2020

Snow Plowing

                                                     Snow plowing

  Need for snow plowing:

     Accumulation of snow on the roads and rooftops of houses causes big trouble for commuting and houses. This is more often faced in temperate and subtropical regions. This can damage the vehicle batteries making them not commutable. Hence timely clearance of the snow is very important to not get stranded by an ice-filled road or damaged car

Roadside snow plowing service:

      Although plowing can be personally done by the individuals themselves or by using the instruments with their vehicles, it gets difficult to do the same every day. The roadside plowing service providers come handy in those situations.

     These service providers are in general called winter service providers. They use heavy trucks called plow trucks for heavy snow plowing, small tractors for plowing snow from avenues and sidewalks or even specially designed cars. All these vehicles have an oversized plowing instrument with sharp edges attached in front of them. 

      Along with using plowing instruments, few vehicles have a blower that will heat up the accumulated layer and glass-like ice over the roads. This avoids the risk of vehicle tires getting slipped from roads which are one of the most frequent accidents in temperate regions during winter seasons.

    This helps in keeping the city commutable and maintaining the roads to be safe and preventing walls of the houses from getting too moist and damaged. Precipitation and wetness/dampness can sometimes cause needs for repairs and damages to property.…

Can a Tow Truck also Plow?

Tow Truck

     The truck used to tow other vehicles is called a tow truck. The towing is done for vehicles that are either repaired or having parking tickets or violating Government regulations. These are also called “wreckers” as towing is more commonly done for wrecked vehicles. These trucks can be either owned by the government itself or private authorities. 

     Tow truck doesn’t carry multiple vehicles at the same time, differing it from motor carriers. Hence the main usage of these trucks are limited to purposes specified thereof. 

Equipment used for Tow truck:

     Depending upon the purposes and towing capacity of the truck, different equipment is used.

For lifting and towing vehicles that fall in ditches due to accidents, the Boom” mechanism is employed. It has an adjustable boom with a winch to lift vehicles and tow them. In order to cradle the vehicles by holding either front or rear wheels, “Wheel lift” is used. 

     The integrated mechanism is a combination of boom and wheel lift, which is used to cradle vehicles that got wrecked but have movable wheels. When vehicles get immobilized, “Flatbed” and “Lift flatbed” mechanisms are used where entire vehicles are lifted off ground and carried on the bed of the wrecker.  

    The equipment is used depending upon the vehicle to be towed. The towing capacity depends on the size and capacity of the wreckers. Therefore, several calculations are required for the ultimate safety in application and effectiveness. Having a working understanding of the terminology mentioned above and having a functional working knowledge of their use is imperative for a safe and reliable experience when working with various towing methodologies and technologies.

For these reasons, one must ensure that the lift mechanism of the tow truck functionality does not undermine or interfere with the safety specifications of the plowing and pushing factors of a vehicle that also plows. Follow all safety recommendations from the manufacturer before attempting, and ensure for your first time that you have an experienced professional to guide you. …