Month: May 2020

Roof Snow Plowing

      Heavy snowfall usually forms a thick layer of snow on the rooftops of the houses. This can affect the structure and the warmth within the house. Hence, it needs to be cleaned periodically in order to keep your house warm and to ensure your roof does not become damaged from the weight of the snow and ice accumulation.

     As this is a tedious process, usually local residential and commercial snow plowing service providers provide this service. When the ice accumulation on the rooftops gets thicker, in order to remove ice completely without damaging the roof structure of the house, utilize snow plowing services. 

 How is it done?

      There are multiple types of roof snow removal equipment. However, the basic structure is to have a long enough control arm that can reach the rooftop. The instrument is attached at the end of that control arm. It is most efficient if the control arm can be adjusted to various lengths to clean various pitch and length roofs.  

Types of rooftop snow plowing:

      Typically, it consists of a sharp blade-like metal structure that can cut through the ice which then slides off over a smooth polythene layer attached to this plowing tool. Although this creates an even layer of ice, this can’t clean the ice completely as the blades need some clearance from the texture of the rooftop. 

      Other types of tools are very similar in design to shovels except this tool is placed in different angles that can break and pull the ice off the rooftop. Although this can clean most of the ice, it is a labor-intensive task that is best performed by professionals for larger jobs.

It is not advised that owners go on their roofs when it is already under load from heavy snow and ice. The additional weight of a person to the roof can overload the capacity of the roof and cause it to become damaged or the worst-case-scenario, give under the pressure. Either situation poses as a safety risk for those standing-by, occupants within the building or residence, and the snow removal person.

Additionally, the slippery integrity of ice or snow on a pitched roof can be very dangerous and slips and falls are greatly more likely. Trust professionals with safety equipment, proper tools, and proper training for your roof clearing tasks.