Month: July 2020

Vehicles used for Snow Plowing

Snow plowing is the process of removing snow and ice in places that receive heavy snowfall. 

This can be either hand-done or by using vehicles. In many Northern areas where this is to be done every day or more frequently, the Government typically takes care of this service on area roadways. However, private service providers also will be available for the same service but can be used on privately owned property and businesses. 

Instruments used for Snow plowing:

     The snowplow is usually made of iron or steel with sharp ends that can scoop up the ice from the roads and other outdoor surfaces. However, the handheld snow plow is a little different from those that are fixed to vehicles. While the former one is a manual and slow tiring scooping process, the latter one is quicker one where the ice is scraped from the area and then collected as a whole. 

Vehicles used for Snow plowing:

    Any vehicle from pick up trucks, front end loaders to graders can be used. The plowing instrument is attached to these vehicles in the front of the apparatus. Therefore, the mechanism of plowing involves a forward movement or pushing movement. Depending upon the amount and frequency of snow accumulation, different vehicles are used. These vehicles are in general categorized as “winter service vehicles”.

     In the temperate and near to polar regions where snowfall is very heavy, snow plowing is very important to be done to clear the roadways, airport runways, rooftops of houses, and on top of vehicles.  Multi-use vehicles come in handy during heavy snowfall times.

Common multiuse vehicles that can be used a plowing vehicle are towing trucks. These vehicles are rated for pulling forces but are also rated for pushing forces as seen with snow plowing. Removable blades and shovels are attached to the front of these vehicles during winter months so that they may be used when not being used as a towing vehicle. It is never advised to utilize a machine for both towing capabilites and pushing capabilites, unless specifically stated in the machines owners manual per the manufacturer. Always follow the directions outlined in your manual for ratings and calculations of torque, horsepower, tow load, etc…

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Check out this video to see how the “Big Guys” operate Tow Plows in heavy winter snowfall regions such as New York.